Thundersley Primary School 1954

Photo Gallery 1954

These photos were all taken in 1954 at Thundersley Primary School, Dark Lane.  If you attended the school in 1954 and have some memories you would like to share, please let us know via the add a comment link at the bottom of this page.  See further pages on this school.

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Photo 1) Boys P.E.
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 2) Boys P.E.
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 3) Infant Class but who is the teacher?
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 4) Festival Choir
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 5)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 6)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 7)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 8)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 9)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 10)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 11)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 12)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 13)
Thundersley Primary School
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  • Hi Phil, in picture 10 between 5 Robbie Bains and 7 Alec Adams is  6 Keith Williams,  I must have had a day off. Eddie.

    By Edward Tustain (03/06/2017)
  • Photo 7, 2nd row from front 4th from right, my sister Sylvia Mitchell.

    By Bruce Victor Mitchell (11/05/2017)
  • Class photo number 5, front row, second from left, is me Bruce Mitchell.

    By Bruce Victor Mitchell (10/05/2017)
  • Photo 3 the infant class the teachers name think it may be Miss Vipond…

    By Brian Heale (26/06/2015)
  • Hi all,

    For photo No.12 the girl on the front row 2nd from the right is my sister Anne Sharman.

    By Lynn Peter Sharman (25/06/2015)
  • Photo 5, front row, 3 from right my sister Christine Clark.  Photo 10, front row 3 from left, Phil Clark.  Back row, 5 Robert Baines,  6 Eddy Tustain, middle row 8 from left Nicolas Bailey.

    By Phil Clark (14/06/2015)
  • Mary, do you have a brother named Chris, He was my best friend at Dark Lane school but disappeared ?

    By Pete Robbins (31/05/2015)
  • Class Photo 10

    Bottom row far right Mary Cottle, following the death of her parents Eva Ackland and Ernest Cottle, Mary was living with Doreen Walden. 

    By Mary Cottle (24/05/2015)
  • Have only just discovered this website and it has made me so happy. I used to live in Kennington Avenue and attended the Rushbottom Lane school, remember the Canvey Floods and my mum Betty taking in some left homeless by them. My sister was Jennifer Chapman. Betty used to write skits acted at the Methodist Church next to the shirt factory. We used to roller skate and play on stilts down the factory loading ramp. My friends and neighbours were Theresa Capp, Christine Porter, Paul and Neal Hambridge. Thanks for the memories.

    By Pat Chapman (15/08/2014)
  • Correction – Class photo 1954 photo no 9. Front row; 2]should be Shelia Allen not Shelia Reed.

    By Carol Southward (07/11/2013)
  • Class 1954 photo No 9.  Left to right:

    Back row; 4] myself, Carol Southward 5]Rita Morgan 6]Coral Staples 13]Brian Charmley

    Middle row; 6]Micheal Harkin 7]Barry Flack 11]Heather Cater

    Front row; 1]Rita Jones 2]Shelia Reed 8]Susan Jackson

    By Carol Powley Nee Southward (01/11/2013)
  • Class photo No 5, I may not be a hundred % correct, photo No 5 was a long time ago so here goes. From the left, Back row: No 2) myself Pete Robbins 5) Willy or Peter Hog 7) Josephine Pettit ?, Middle row No 1) David Carter ?, 2) Dennis Manfield, 3) Billy Reason ?,4) Terry Carter, 5) Clive Dellow, 8) Joyce Thurlow ?, Front row No 1) Ronald Byford, 3) Bobby Castle, 5) Billy Williams, 9) Marrianne Hood ?

    By Pete Robbins (26/10/2013)
  • Class 1954 photo No 5. Two more to add on, From the left back row No 4 David Winbledon, and front row No 4 Brian Shelly.

    By Pete Robbins (26/10/2013)

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