Thundersley Primary School 1964

Photo Gallery 1964

These photos were all taken in 1964 at Thundersley Primary School, Dark Lane.  If you attended the school in 1964 and have some memories you would like to share, please let us know via the add a comment link at the bottom of this page. See further pages on this school.

Possible names for photo 9:
Back row: Left to right
Robin Green, unknown, Carol ?, Linda ?, unknown, unknown, Irene Mansfield (Beanie), unknown, unknown, possibly John Brown, Malcolm Pendlebury.
Next row: Left to right
Unknown, Lynn Bacon, Trevor Jefferies (Jaffa), Janet Neal, David Gibson, Graham ?, Barry Houghton, unknown, Paul White, unknown, Anne Alden.
Next row: Left to right
Unknown, Jackie Frost, Eileen Emery, unknown, Linda Cousins, Frances Mitchell, Janice Brum, Susan Elsdon, unknown, unknown, Christopher Lodge.
Front row: Left to right
Colin Gooding, Billy Hammond, unknown, Edward Selfe (Teddy).

Photo 1)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 2)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 3)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 4)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 5)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 6)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 7)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 8)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 9)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 10)
Thundersley Primary School

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  • Photo 1: In first row, 6th girl in striped dress, I think this is Hazel Woodley. In the 2nd row, (from left to right) 3rd boy I think this is Michael Harding

    By Haze seager (10/06/2023)
  • Photo 7: front row, 4th from right – Rosemary Mitchell

    By Frances (05/11/2021)
  • Amendment: Photo 9, 2nd row down, 4th from right may be Valerie Whiting (Not Sheila).

    By Frances (30/10/2021)
  • Photo 9 1964
    2nd row from back: 8th from left: Valerie Whiting? and 10th from left Judith Hodgson
    3rd row from back: 9th from left: Janet MacCormack (not sure of spelling)

    By Frances Mitchell (24/10/2021)
  • Photo 2
    Mavourneen Moore (nee George)
    I do remember you. Happy days.. I wonder how many more are still with us?

    By Mark Faulkner (22/05/2021)
  • Photo 2
    I am sitting on the bench 3rd from right-hand side. Sitting next to me is Margaret Wilkinson, now sadly no longer with us. Mark Faulkner has named quite a few.

    By Mavourneen Moore (nee George) (07/04/2021)
  • Photo 9 Christopher surname is Lodge.

    By Edward Selfe (19/03/2019)
  • Photo 4:
    Back row, left to right:
    ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,
    ?, ?, Madeleine Davies, ?, Anne Springfield, ?, David Saunders.(Sanders?)
    2nd row down, left to right:
    Jimmy?, ?, Cheryl Capper, Linda Anglish, Susan Willmott, Robert Blackwell, Raymond Doyle.

    By Madeleine Davies (01/04/2018)
  • Photo No 2.  Top to bottom, left to right..Robin ?, Steven Harold, Susan ?, Christine Henderson, Unkown, Lee Furlow, Nigel Adams, Unknown. Jimmy Giles, Trevor Tunbridge, ME, Irene ?,  Richard Firman, Christine Neville, Peter Brown, George ?, Kevin Chittock, Michael Plant, Unknown,  Linda White, Patricia ?, unknown, unknown, unknown, Leonard ?, George Cousins. Sorry if I forgot your name.

    By Mark Faulkner (13/07/2017)
  • Would love to know how many names can be placed against these faces? If you know, please share.

    Editors note: Steve, having been in this class myself I can recall quite a few names and have added what I can remember. If anyone can help us fill in the blanks, please do.

    By Steve Nash (12/03/2016)
  • Which one of these is Mr Barker’s 1964 class?

    Editor’s note:  The photo showing Mr Barker’s class is photo number 9.

    By Steve Nash (26/02/2016)

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