Benfleet FC - c.1962

My name is Andrew Wilson, I played with Benfleet in the early 60s.  I had happy playing days back then, I think it was 1962.  I live in Australia, came here 1963 and have fond memories of Benfleet football club.

The team photo below was taken, if I remember rightly, about 1962.  We had won a competition and had beaten, I think, Essex Carriers.

The players names are from back left,  Geoff Champion,  Bev Harland ( I think ),  Andy Wilson,  Tony ?,  John Nunn,  Joe Mills, front row, Trevor Evans,  don’t remember,  Ron Thomas,  Les ?,  Brian Courtenay ( I think ).  The two old boys,  Jim and ?.  I think all were Benfleet boys,  my brother Chris also played around the same time.  I don’t know what happened to any of them,  it’s too long ago to remember,  but maybe someone there might remember some of them.

Regards Andrew Wilson, Sydney/Australia.

Benfleet FC circa 1962
Andrew Wilson

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  • The ‘old boy’ on the right was Jimmy Rogers. Born in 1896 in Wandsworth he grew up in Thundersley on a dairy farm. He worked as a brickmaker, and married Flo (nee Blowers) in 1929. During WW2 he was in the Catering Corps, and stationed at the Food Stores (for the camps) opposite West Leigh Schools. He and Flo had one daughter, my Auntie Mary. She called him Pop, so of course I knew him as Uncle Pop. He was the referee for Benfleet Rangers for many years through the 50s and 60s. After Flo died Jimmy married Lil, and they lived in Hatley Gardens. He died in 1977 and was buried in Benfleet Cemetery.

    By Pat Tookey (08/09/2022)
  • The player second from the end, front row, is Les Luxford. Played alongside him with Benfleet Rangers at the end of the 60’s. A big gentle giant.

    By Leslie Spurling (16/07/2021)

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