Benfleet FC - c.1962

My name is Andrew Wilson, I played with Benfleet in the early 60s.  I had happy playing days back then, I think it was 1962.  I live in Australia, came here 1963 and have fond memories of Benfleet football club.

The team photo below was taken, if I remember rightly, about 1962.  We had won a competition and had beaten, I think, Essex Carriers.

The players names are from back left,  Geoff Champion,  Bev Harland ( I think ),  Andy Wilson,  Tony ?,  John Nunn,  Joe Mills, front row, Trevor Evans,  don’t remember,  Ron Thomas,  Les ?,  Brian Courtenay ( I think ).  The two old boys,  Jim and ?.  I think all were Benfleet boys,  my brother Chris also played around the same time.  I don’t know what happened to any of them,  it’s too long ago to remember,  but maybe someone there might remember some of them.

Regards Andrew Wilson, Sydney/Australia.

Benfleet FC circa 1962
Andrew Wilson

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  • The player second from the end, front row, is Les Luxford. Played alongside him with Benfleet Rangers at the end of the 60’s. A big gentle giant.

    By Leslie Spurling (16/07/2021)

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