Thundersley Rovers FC in the 1970s

The first photograph was taken at our home pitch which was on Common Approach Thundersley as I remember. My guess is between 1974 and 77.

The second photograph is from June 1977 and is of Thundersley and Hadleigh FC  and was taken the day (or the day before) Geoff Hubbard died. We were playing in an Anglo German tournament at Benfleet Recreation ground.

Back Row : Paul Cridland (ex Appleton school), Chris Marriner, Emanuel (Manny) Olivares, Terry Healey, Mark Acremann, - Manny, Terry and Mark were, like me, all ex Appleton boys and we left the school in 1975. I think the last boy was called Peter Griffiths. Our manager is Sid Bright whose son Peter also was in the team but not in this photograph.
Front Row : Paul Bagley, me (Brian Lazell), Geoff Hubbard (who died tragically in 1977), Dean Hill, Leonard ("Billy") Betts and John Blewitt. All of us, except John, attended Appleton and departed in 1975.
Brian Lazell
Back Row : Gary Caldwell, me (Brian Lazell), Keith Cammidge, Bobby Taylor, Mark Acremann and Les Moss.
Front Row : Brian Ganley, Robert ("Bob") Mills, Robert ("Raz")Young, Emanuel ("Manny") Olivares, Paul Acremann and Stephen Cox ("Strap").
Brian Lazell

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  • Having posted the photos in 2019, I haven’t been on the site for a long time. Lovely to see the post from David Wilkinson (nookie bear to his friends) and from Lyn (who suffered the cold weather watching us play football). My best wishes to you both.

    By Brian Lazell (14/08/2023)
  • I was a close friend of Geoff Hubbard and Brian Lazell and remember Geoff’s tragic death as if it was yesterday. A very sad loss of a young man who would probably have gone on to achieve great things. Tomorrow (19th June) is the 45th anniversary of his passing but those who knew him will never forget.

    By David.Wilkinson (18/06/2022)
  • I remember a lot of these guys and also standing out on the field as a spectator and getting freezing! Geoff’s death was a huge shock to everybody that knew him. A very sad loss.

    By Lyn Wells (25/03/2020)

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