Benfleet Young Wives 1954

Young wives 1954
Julie Christie

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  • Hi David,

    Yes, it was taken at the side of the old St. Mary’s Church Hall, School Lane. I went to many functions there in the early 1960s – it was a shame when the Church Hall was rebuilt at the far end of the village, near Cemetery Corner.

    Pam J Bird-Gaines (Editor)

    By Pamela Gaines (26/05/2023)
  • The small boy with the punk hairdo being held aloft near the centre of the picture by our Mother, Vera Rose Jiggens, is my younger and still annoying brother, Peter Jiggens (then aged about 9 months).
    It was really a lovely surprise to discover this image, I had never seen it before, or ever knew that My Mother had been a member of Benfleet Young Wives.
    Would this photo have been taken at the side of St Mary’s Church Hall (later to become Dorothy Ward’s clothing factory where my Mother worked for many years) next to the Doctor’s Surgery on the corner of School Lane and Essex Way?

    By David Jiggens (25/05/2023)

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