The Benfleet Hoymen

The Benfleet Hoymen - Hadleigh 1954

The Benfleet Hoymen

This picture shows The Benfleet Hoymen dancing in Hadleigh in 1954 and was given to us by Mrs Maureen Packham.

The photo was taken close to the old bus stop, east of Hadleigh Church.

If you can put a name to any of the people in the picture, we would be pleased to  know via the comments section at the bottom of this page.

The Benfleet Hoymen, Hadleigh 1954
Maureen Packham

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  • Les Barclay confirms that he is the person first on the left, with his back to the camera. The furthest right, facing the camera, is Brian Conner, and opposite him, with his back to the camera, we think might be Tony Timms.

    By Sue Barclay (07/07/2019)
  • Looking L to R the 1st person with his back to the camera is, I believe, Les Barclay – 1 of 3 brothers who formed the Hoymen in 1951/2.   He is now Prof Barclay and director of Barclay Associates Ltd.

    By Ian Anderson (03/02/2015)

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