2nd Thundersley scout group

c. 1959

This photo of the 2nd Thundersley scout group was taken circa 1959 at the library/church hall in Church Road, Thundersley.

Peter Adams is standing to the right of the Rev. Woodcock.

2nd Thundersley Scout Group c.1959
Peter Adams

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  • Left to Right. Arthur Stevens, group leader, Roy Perry, scout leader, Pat Perry cub leader, Viv Price, D.C. Bishop, Rev Woodcock, Peter Adams, ?, Michael Ponder, ?, Trevor Lark.
    Row 2. ?, ?, ?, ?, Chris Price, ? Ormand, George Panks, Paul Doyle, Peter Green, Lynn Sharman, brother Sharman
    Row 3. Bobby Palmer, Keith Williams, Peter Seal,
    Row 4. Young Panks, Dennis Mitchel, Christine Williams, ?, Ann Sharman, ?, ?, Miss Ponder, ?, ?, ? Gray,
    Row 5. +3 Raymond McKay, +3 Patrick ?, Raymond Gee, Brother Gray.
    Try to add more later as it’s nearly midnight. Hi Lynn & Peter, I have a photo of the queen. Just happens to be me !!!!
    Regards to everyone, Trevor.

    By Trevor Lark (23/02/2022)
  • 5th row up with a second stripe is me Lynn Sharman, with brother on my right. Peter, do you remember the float we had in Southend Carnival, and do you have any photos?

    By Lynn & Peter Sharman (29/11/2020)

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