Celebration of the end of the Second World War 1946 held at Brook Road

A party was held in Brook Road

Photos from the Street Party held in Benfleet to celebrate the end of the war VE or VJ Party

Showing the home made cake

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  • VE day is very important. I celebrate it with an afternoon tea.

    By J.W (07/06/2022)
  • I’m looking for a house here called Eureka, I was an evacuee here during the Second World War.

    By Joan Fermor (14/03/2016)
  • I am searching for images for VJ Day in 1946 as I remember this day and not VE Day.  Not very many memories or images of this day so very excited to see your photos.  My parents were publicans and ‘Rose’ who lived-in and was totally part of our family had a brother who was captured by the Japanese, was actually very important to our home.  I remember the ‘fly past’ when we were living in Poplar,  which seemed to blacken the sky (I was three), but I can’t find any references to this.  My father’s family business was on Wallasea Island and I understand was requisitioned by the War Dept. during the war, so it is very good to find a reference to VJ Day from Benfleet.  Val. 

    By Val Torreggiani (10/05/2015)

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