Gamekeepers Cottage

Fernlea Road, Benfleet

This is a photograph of a gamekeepers cottage in Fernlea Road, Benfleet,supplied by Mrs Friend.

If anybody has any further information on the gamekeeper and his responsibilities please let us know.

Update: This mystery is now solved with the help of Lynn Tait, see comment added to this page on 28th April, 2014.

Gamekeepers Cottage, Fernlea Road, Benfleet
Mrs Friend

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  • This house is not The Rowlands. I used to muck out the stables at The Rowlands. This house is on the hill part of Fernlea Road.

    By Robert Christopher Samuel Scott (06/11/2021)
  • The original house the Rowlands was bombed during the war. My mother Sybil Neville nee Robinson  lived there with her mother Daisy Robinson, and her brother Ralf and their grandparents. After the house was bombed it was rebuilt exactly to the same specification. There were no other houses around and there was a huge garden the length of the then unmade road with a chicken run, goats etc. Both my grandfather and uncle were killed in the two wars. My grandfather Ralf’s name is on the war memorial at Benfleet.

    By Lynn Tait (28/08/2014)
  • This house which is called The Rowlands stands on the corner of the 1960s Close, The Rowlands built in what was its back garden was the home of the Goldhawk family from about 1964 to the 90s. I’m surprised to see it called the Gamekeepers Cottage as it would have been a lavish home for a Gamekeeper. It had 5 bedrooms and 2 receptions and was panelled inside in oak. It was built in 1901 that much I can remember Mr Goldhawk telling me.

    By Richard Simpson (26/11/2013)

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