Glen Road

Unmade Then and Unmade Now

Glen Road itself has changed very little over the years, although houses have now been built on both sides.

The photos are taken from the corner of Thundersley Park Road/Glen Road looking towards, what is now the A13 London Road, close to the summit of Bread & Cheese Hill.

In the 2012 picture, in the distance a vehicle can be seen on its journey down Bread & Cheese Hill.

Glen Road looking towards what is now the London Road (A13) - date unknown
Glen Road looking towards the London Road (A13) - 2012
Eileen Gamble

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  • There was an abandoned stables in Glen road, on the left as you looked towards Bread and Cheese hill. I used to go exploring in the stables as a child, the horses nameplates were still on the doors and there was old pieces of saddlery hanging everywhere.

    By Carol Barnett (01/07/2020)

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