Hall Farm Close 1954 and 2011

How things have changed

Meadow Hall Farm used to occupy this site before the land was sold off for residential development.  The stark new garden with its sapling trees in 1954, has turned into a mature open space that is cool and shaded with tall trees under which not much will grow.

The garden between Hall Farm Close and St Mary's Close 1954
From the collection of the late Kath Fisher with the permission of Paddy Marrisson
The Gardens at St Mary's Close, the trees have grown May 2011
Margaret March
St Mary's Close Garden with the houses just visible in the background, those young trees have really grown. May 2011
Margaret March
Meadow Hall Farm was sold for residential development, Hall Farm Close was constructed on part of the land and completed in 1954.
From the collection of the late Kath Fisher with the permission of Paddy Marrisson
Hall Farm Close May 2011, the steps up to the pavement are still in position.
Margaret March
Newly built houses in Hall Farm Close 1954
From the collection of the late Kath Fisher with the permission of Paddy Marrisson
The same houses in Hall Farm Close May 2011, with additional garages and well grown gardens.
Margaret March
Postcard. The Brook and Cottage.
Highlands of Benfleet

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  • I was born in number 9 Hall Farm Close in 1956. I remember the days of playing all day before going home exhausted for dinner.

    By hazel gilmartin (13/11/2021)
  • Doug and Lavinia Flack were friends of my parents, (Don and Yvonne Jones), and they lived in one of the cottages. If number 2 is the one furthest from the High Road entrance, then it was in that one.

    By Stephen Seymour-Jones (22/06/2020)
  • We moved in to the cottage (2 Hall Farm Close) just over 4 years ago and have done a lot of work on it. We’d welcome any history of the house. We can see on old maps that something was there on the site for well over 100 years and renovations have shown us that the cottage has been redone at some point, at least in part. We heard a fire in the 1920s had destroyed all or some of it but we think part of it is older and think we know which part might have been rebuilt or repaired after the fire. Feedback welcome.

    By J Aitken (21/06/2020)
  • Lovely memories, such a nice time to be young and feel safe. We lived at 83 Hall Farm Road, then moved round the corner to 62 Fleet Road.

    By Jeff Richarson (11/02/2018)
  • Dorothy Stanley. My grandparents lived at 58 Fleet Road just along from you. Frank and Peggy White. I believe that the people that bought the bungalow from my Mum and Aunt when my Nana died then sold it on and it was demolished. I haven’t been back since 1974/75 but my brother has visited the area a couple of times. Many happy memories of 2 months a year school holidays spent in Fleet Road.

    By Lesley Robb (08/02/2018)
  • I too remember the gardens being made probably late 1960’s, I played in there more once it was made than when it was just scrubland. I lived in 99 Hall Farm Road, right down the end on the corner of Fleet Road. My mum still owns the bungalow to this date, it has been in my family since 1950. I remember Cathy Fisher well, she was the sea scout leader that kept on going. Bless her xx

    By Dorothy Stanley (07/08/2013)
  • We lived at 11 Hall Farm Close from December 1952 until 1972. The gardens weren’t laid until the late 60’s, previous to that they had been scrub land where we used to play and make camps. 

    On the opposite side of The Close entrance from the High Road, where the town houses now are, there were trees and at one time a boat.

    By Shelagh Stokes (Davis) (17/04/2012)

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