Victoria House Corner

When Victoria House Corner was a crossroads

Crossroads to roundabout

The photos below show the changes made to the road layout in the area of Victoria House Corner. The photos were taken in the early 1970s before, during and after the installation of the roundabout. Originally, the junction was a crossroads and the A13 London Road was single carriageway.

The shop fronts have changed little over the years, albeit the shops have changed hands many times since the 1970s.

The colonial style property that stood on the corner of Rayleigh Road/London Road on the Hadleigh side was demolished later and today a bus station stands on the site.

Opposite the colonial style property on the corner of Benfleet Road and London Road there used to be a company called Southern Sectionals and they sold garden buildings and fencing. Today Magnet occupies this plot.

All the black and white photos shown in this article are by kind permission of Castle Point Council.

Before work began early 1970s
Work in progress. Note the shop on the left has changed hands and the small one storey shop has been demolished.
The shop has changed hands once again and where the property was demolished, there now stands a dry cleaners. This photo taken May 2011
Eileen Gamble
Before work began, early 1970s
Work in progress.
Looking towards Southend and the short stretch of dual carriageway leading up to the roundabout begins to take shape
Work has just finished. The new crossing can be seen.
This photo was taken in May 2011 from approximately the same position as the previous three pictures.
Eileen Gamble
Similar view as above but from a slightly different angle - May 2011
Eileen Gamble
Benfleet Road looking towards the junction, note the crossroads sign in the distance. This photo was taken before any work was begun.
The same view as above but from the other side of the road and work has begun on a layby.
Taken May 2011
Eileen Gamble
The work has just been finished, with a layby on each side.
The white van now stands in the layby, as above. May 2011
Eileen Gamble
It is believed that this imposing house once stood on the corner of Arcadian Gardens and Rayleigh Road. It was probably demolished to make way for the new roundabout. Arcadian Gardens no longer connects directly to the Rayleigh Road.
Rayleigh Road before work began. The house in the picture above is thought to have occupied the plot shown in this picture, on the far corner of Arcadian Gardens.
The roundabout in May 2011. The entry to Arcadian Gardens was originally to the left of the picture. Today there is no access to this road from the Rayleigh Road.
Eileen Gamble
Early stages and the crossroads sign can still be seen.
Looking towards Southend, the same view as the photo above.The bus garage is clearly visible but the colonial style house that was on the corner has now been demolished. Today many buses are garaged in this area. Photo taken May 2011
Eileen Gamble
Same direction as the photo above but slightly to the right. In the 1970s Southern Sectionals occupied the plot where now stands Magnet. The Cabin Cafe in the parade of shops appears to be open for business.
Magnet now stands on the corner of Benfleet Road and London Road where Southern Sectionals used to be.
Eileen Gamble
Work has now started and in the background the roundabout is taking shape. The imposing double fronted house centre/left of the picture still stands today.The colonial style property, far right, was demolished in later years and today a bus station stands on the site
Similar view as above, taken in May 2011. The colonial style house has made way for the bus parking.
The roundabout is taking shape in the photo.
Same position as above and this is one of the few photos where the picture remains similar to the one taken in the 1970s. Taken May 2011
Eileen Gamble
The same house as in the photo above but taken from the junction of Benfleet Road and London Road.
As above but taken May 2011
Eileen Gamble

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  • Can anyone remember the name of the school, which use to be at Victoria House Corner, which was pulled down, when the roundabout was built? I think it was called St Andrews. I went there in the 1960s but I can’t find any photos of it to show my grand children.

    By Paul Heywood (22/01/2024)
  • I have a news clipping of a photo of The Kennall Club that was destroyed by fire in 1963 on Victoria House Corner. Does anyone know of it? How can I post it on here?

    Dear Lee, Yes, you would be very welcome to post it on here. Someone will probably have heard of it. [Pam Bird Gaines, Ed.]

    By Lee Barnard (20/10/2023)
  • I am pretty sure that the “little shop with the cars out the front” was the original Pharmacy owned and run by my late father W.L.Phelps back in the fifties/sixties. He subsequently moved across the road to the third shop in the parade, and as can be seen in the coloured 2011 ‘photo it was still a Pharmacy then, although not my dad’s. I have been in Australia since 1968, and my dad passed away in 1979. It was nice to see the old shop, as I used to earn a few bob “helping out” on a Saturday morning when I was a kid!
    Peter Phelps

    By Peter Phelps (29/12/2021)
  • Who can remember the order and the names of the shops in the parade at Vic House Corner? I’m struggling! I remember Allens the ironmonger, Rourkes the tv and electrical shop, then there was a wool shop, Selfes ?, then a newsagents Perrys, a chemist, Phelps, and I think a butchers and a greengrocer’s run by a chap called Alf, but I can’t remember the names of these shops. Looking at the older pictures from the early 70’s, there may have been eight shops in the parade and I can only remember seven. Anyone with a better memory than me?

    By Neil Salmon (25/12/2021)
  • This is not the area of Hadleigh that I am researching but what a fantastic pictorial history of Vic House Corner..

    By Michael Souter (27/04/2018)
  • The house mentioned above, that’s divided into flats, still is now as my ex’s Dad still lives in the bottom left hand flat at 90 years old! In the 80’s when I was going out with his son, they had the bottom floor as one flat for the family, Mum, Dad and son. It went back to two flats after the son left home. It’s supposed to have a ghost/poltergeist!

    By Sandra Owen formerly Hardiman (24/04/2018)
  • I believe that the imposing house on the corner of Arcadian Gardens was a private school. St Andrew’s 8 Rayleigh Road. I was there until 1965.

    By M Stanley (19/08/2014)
  • Seem to remember that the large house to the West of the Garage had part of an old tram in the garden that was used as a summer house.

    By Ian Hawks, (24/05/2012)
  • The house on the western side of the bus garage was in the 1940s occupied by Mr White, gents hairdresser & Lillian ladies hairdresser.  Opposite the bus depot was Ebdons garage & petrol station. Hudson Terraplane & Railton specialists, staffed by Mr Bert Murch & Mr Frank Ebdon.

    By Bob Smith (11/05/2012)
  • The house in the last two photos was divided into 4 flats and my wife and I occupied the lower flat, that is nearest in the picture, from about June 1962 to October 1963.

    By Tony Choat (08/01/2012)
  • The little shop with the cars out front, by the big house, on the corner of Arcadian Gardens was the Photo/chemist shop.

    By Peter Robbins (04/12/2011)
  • I believe the house you are referring to was the doctor’s old house and is mentioned in the South Benfleet history book.

    By Adam Poulton (19/05/2011)

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