Edmund Alfred Wray postman and veteran of two World Wars. Part 1.


Janet Walden the Chair of the Canvey Archive contributed this set  of photos:-
“Edmund Alfred Wray postman and veteran of two World Wars. In his retirement he lived in Benfleet. When Edmund died these photos and medals and other documents were given to Peter Carlane who had befriended him.
All of the items will be passed to the safe keeping of the Bay Museum, Canvey Island.”
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A.E. Wray as postman.
Private Wray and friend.
Mr Wray's had six medals in all representing various aspects of this life. The first of them on the left is the Territorial; Efficiency Medal that was awarded to Territorial Army NCOs who had over 12 years of continuous efficient service. The second on the top right is the WW1 British War Medal and the third on the bottom right is the WW1 Victory Medal.
These are three other medals earned by Mr Wray. The first one on the left is the WW2 Defence Medal awarded to those who had non-operational service. The middle medal is the War Medal 1939 to 1945. The last one on the right left is the Imperial Service Medal awarded to selected Civil Servants (he was a postman) who had completed at least 25 years service by retirement.
The envelope in which some his medals were sent.

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  • The 1962 Electoral Register shows E. A. Wray living in Greenways, Benfleet and Beatrice M. Wray at the same address.

    By Frank Gamble (27/02/2020)

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