(33) Archibald Arthur Weller

War crime of sinking of H.M.H.S. Llandovery Castle

Archibald Arthur Weller (33) was the older brother of Reginald Weller (3). He was born in Hampstead Heath to Arthur and Rhoda Weller and was baptised at Hurstpierpoint, Sussex on 2nd July 1893. In 1918 the family lived in Benfleet at Ryecroft (No. 21), South View Road.

Archibald Arthur Weller (33) was a First Bed Steward on the Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle. It was torpedoed and sunk by Submarine U86 on 27th June 1918. After discovering that it was a Hospital Ship the U86 ran down and shot at the survivors in order to get rid of the evidence. 234 people died. This was a war crime. He was 25.

It was reported in the Chelmsford Chronicle on Friday 7th February 1919 that his father, Mr Arthur Weller a green grocer, was awarded compensation of £125 in the City of London Court  on Monday 3rd February for his death.  At the time of his death A A Weller was earning £11 and 10 shillings (£11.5) a month.

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  • New information on page about the compensation paid for AA Weller’s death.

    By Phil Coley (28/12/2018)
  • Both the brothers are also mentioned on Arthur Weller’s (father) grave in Jotmans Lane cemetery.

    By Tony (13/10/2014)

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