Bertie Bardell's Memories as a II World War RAF Navigator

What a fantastic first flight

Bertie Bardell had Joined the ATC at Tarpots and had designs on being an RAF pilot, however he ended up as a navigator.  These audio recordings give vivid descripitions of his training in the last few years of the II World War.

After the war Bertie put his technical knowledge to good use and ended up as Managing Director of an electornics firm in Leigh. for more information on the Bardell Family

Bertie Bardell during II World War, he joined the RAF 1942 - 1943 aged 18yrs
Bertie Bardell
Part of his training was the use of guns on the aircraft, and these are his results.
Bertie Bardell
A page from Mr B. Bardell's flight log book
Bertie Bardell
Another page from the flying log
Bertie Bardell
When Bertie was sent over seas he was allowed to send a pre-printed postcard to loved ones, this is what he sent to his then girlfriend, later to become his wife.
Bertie Bardell
Post card to his girlfriend.
Bertie Bardell
It was 1947 before Bertie Bardell was released from the R A F, and this is a copy of his release papers.
Bertie Bardell
Bertie Bardell's recruitment to RAF aircrew Second World War.
Initial Training at Bridgenorth, about 5 mins.
A Fantastic First Flight
A scary description of Bertie's first flight and one of the scrapes he got into. 5 mins
The forging of travel passes.
Out to get round the regulations and not get caught by the Military Police. 1min
Fun and games with parachutes
Some of the disadvantages of parachutes and rough weather.
Girls, girls, girls
Women loved men in uniform and aircraft.
Top of the class but the wrong school.
Bertie failed to get a commission. 3 day embarkation leave, with a sad farewell at Benfleet station.
Posting over seas to Egypt.
The journey out, description of being left to fly the plane alone.

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