The Battle of Beamfleot (Benfleet)

An amateur map from 1955

There is little evidence and much dispute about where, when, what happened or any fact about the Battle of Beamfleot (Benfleet). Over the years many people have suggested where it might have been.

These documents have been hidden for over 60 years and were an attempt by a local amateur historian, Roland E Cooper, to find out where the battle took place.

The 1955 map of where the Danish camp might have been
Phil Coley
The accompanying letter
Phil Coley

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  • I am from Benfleet and was pleased to see the reference in the Last Kingdom.

    Basically the article above is saying that the camp was situated roughly where the large car park is now?

    By Jamie Macdonald (21/03/2022)
  • I was born in Benfleet and I am old enough to remember that the creek used to go under the railway line, where the road goes under now. Itโ€™s used to be quite wide and go behind what was a cockle stall at the bottom of the Hoy & Helmet carpark. Used to play in it as a kid but it smelt awful.

    By Polly Yorke (07/01/2020)
  • I come from Benfleet and most people dont know of it, so it was interesting to see it on The Last Kingdom.

    By Kelly (13/12/2019)
  • Last kingdom S3 also brought me here.

    V Interesting reading about the place names and the authenticity of them!

    By Matt (09/02/2019)
  • I find The Last Kingdom to be fascinating. I routinely inquire on the Internet as to names used in this series, and I am always happy to see that there is some historical accuracy.

    By John Daniluck (15/01/2019)
  • Greetings, I teach English/History in the Pacific Northwest of the US. I have come to this site because of the show The Last Kingdom. The show is a fine adjunct to our study in that it is formatted in a way that gets kids interested…albeit it a bit too ‘Hollywood.’ We are able to have more active discussions because the students feel more connected.
    This site has given them several talking points.

    By Deni May (10/01/2019)
  • Same, Good when TV can spark genuine historical interest ๐Ÿ™‚

    By Rob (03/01/2019)
  • The Last Kingdom, season 3, also brought me to this page ๐Ÿ™‚

    By Angelo Albertini (09/12/2018)
  • The Last Kingdom, season 3, brought me to this page. As I live in Thorpe bay itโ€™s quite local and interesting.

    By Karl (02/12/2018)

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