Queen's Silver Jubilee 1977

Street Parties

Dove Drive

The residents of Dove Drive held a street party to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977.  Although the weather was rather showery they didn’t let it spoil the fun.  Among the events was a children’s fancy dress competition.  We have been able to name some of the entrants, but can you name any more?

Childrens Fancy Dress Entrants

The Winners


Downer Road & Bowers Road

By Lorraine D. Cork

Hi everyone…I’ve been meaning to attach some of these ‘back in the day 70s’ photos from the Silver Jubilee in 1977 – when I was seven.  Ok, so I’m showing my age, but as I left South Benfleet when I was 12, I don’t have that many photos of Benfleet and its people. I remember though that this was a wonderful, unique occasion and we had a street party very near my house at 91 Bowers Road. It was for both residents of Downer Road and Bowers Road! my mum remembers it vividly as she helped organise everything with others. Can anyone spot anyone they know or maybe you can even spot yourselves as children? I would love to know…or does anyone have any more photos that they want to add. Maybe we all partied together?

Bowers Road Party by Lorraine D. Cork


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  • Thank you for that idea Greg.That would be amazing but sadly not possible.

    By Jenny Day (07/06/2022)
  • Would be great to re-create the picture.

    By Greg Bennett (31/05/2022)

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