Rushbottom Lane Primary School

Class Photo circa 1958 - 1959

Following my recent comment on the Rushbottom Lane Primary School page thought this photo might be of interest. Since I attended from 1956 – 1961 I would guess it is from around 1958/1959. I am middle back row in front of the crib. In all honesty I cannot place any names to the other faces but maybe someone else has a better memory.

Class photo c.1958/59
Peter Houghton

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  • Good Morning Shirley,

    Thanks for adding your memory to our Site.

    Kind Regards,
    Pamela J. Bird-Gaines

    By Pamela Gaines (05/09/2023)
  • I attended Rushbottom Lane from 1949 to 1951,it only had three classrooms then. The headteacher’s name I believe started with a ‘W’, – I cannot be sure my brain has aged.

    By Shirley McQuillan nee Rogers (04/09/2023)
  • I started school in Miss Martin’s class in 1956 and then went on to Miss Sullivan’s. We were so fortunate to have such kind and dedicated teachers. We had so much fun learning. Although the classes were large, I feel that education at this time was at it’s very best. I remember my time at Rushbottom Lane with great affection. Thank you for the happy memories.

    By Deorah Mellor (nee Howard) (14/04/2023)
  • I would have been about six when this photo was taken but I can’t see me there, would love to know if there were any more taken.

    By Dulecia king (29/01/2021)
  • I can add Norman Rossiter, second from right standing, Beryl Jiggins in between me , (Neal Hambridge) and Allan Billham, Tony Jones, Standing back row immediate right of table, maybe one of the Dabbs boys fourth from right standing.

    By Neal Hambridge (30/07/2019)
  • I can still remember the faces and some names. I am kneeling in the front row in front of Neal Hambridge. I remember Alan Billham, Peter Houghton, who I am still in contact with, Lorraine Graham and Sharon Hinton.
    I now live in Flitwick which is 9 miles south of Bedford, off Junction 12 of the M1.

    By Arthur Taylor (17/10/2018)
  • I am the girl with the plaits and bows I was Lorraine Graham that’s our egg shell nativity we did

    By Lorraine Mitchell (03/01/2018)
  • Kneeling down with Pig Tails is my sister – Lorraine Graham (Now Mitchell)

    By Glenn R Graham (03/01/2018)
  • It’s a bit scary what’s on the Internet. Stumbled on this and there I am check jumper kneeling 6th from left. Some faces look familiar but I can’t remember any names

    By Graham Patrick (15/09/2016)
  • Hi Allan, Remember you but must admit my memory for faces not as good; so know the names but cannot put a face to them. I still have Christmas Card contact to Arthur Taylor so will see if he can identify himself!

    I guess from your comment you moved to Australia at some point; I did not go as far only moving to Germany in 1980. I am still healthy and now a pensioner so theoretically a bit more time to look through websites.

    Happy to swap stories about the past years and can be contacted on Facebook / LinkedIn if wanted.

    By Peter Houghton (08/09/2016)
  • Hi, the girl in the white top kneeling behind the girl with long plaits is my sister Sally Newman. I also attended this school from 1963 and also my eldest sister Stephanie Newman, we lived in Hatley Gardens and all have very fond memories of our childhood in Benfleet.

    By David Poore (05/09/2016)
  • Hi Peter, that’s me to your right. I think Sharon Hinton is kneeling on the left of the photo.

    Don’t recognise anyone else but Neil Hambridge (also living in Australia), Graham Patrick (or Patrick Graham), James Easter, Arthur (or Paul) Taylor must be there somewhere.

    You and I moved onto The Sweyne School and haven’t seen you since the early days there. Hope all is well with you.

    By Allan Billham (30/08/2016)

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