Pictures of the barge Scone

I’ve just been browsing your website and  have replied to a couple of posts concerning  sailing barge ‘Scone’.

Attached is a very good picture of Scone as an auxiliary  sailing barge . She is  loaded with bales of  paper pulp and probably about to lower down her mast prior to negotiating Rochester Bridge. Picture  probably taken about 1953 or so.  I have ‘lifted’ it from Facebook where it was posted by a Mr Peter Bullimore who was given it in with a load of tug pictures. So true provenance/ copyright  unknown.

The 2nd picture was taken by me when we were re-rigging in 1978. Scone is on the beach at Upnor having her sides tarred.

Scone loaded at Mill Buoy
Scone at Upnor in 1978
Steve Mallett

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  • Rob Hart..Fred was in a chatty mood that day then!!

    By Steve Mallett (28/06/2021)
  • In 1969 I was 16 and was the humble mate of the barge “Rodent” belonging to the same company as the “Scone”. Both barges had loaded grain at Tilbury for the mill at Stanbridge . We had been delayed by bad weather and missed our tides. The “Scone” was already anchored at Pagelsham when we crashed alongside, my skipper put his arm around Fred Petit, the Scone’s skipper and asked if we could lay alongside for the weekend and go home, Fred said two words to my skipper – “Bingo Bill” (unrepeatable here), needless to say we spent the weekend onboard, quarter of a mile down the river (Roach).

    By Rob Hart (04/03/2021)

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