Boys Brigade-6th. Southend group

Going to camp

Preparing for camp
John James

This photo, taken in the mid. 1950s, and supplied by John James, shows a group of boys from the 6th Southend Boys Brigade preparing to go to summer camp.

The group used to meet in the Congregational Church near the corner of Kenneth Road and London Road and although John was a member he does not appear in this photo. He has though identified 3 of the boys as Frank James, his cousin, also Ken Collins whose family owned the newsagents opposite Dark Lane School and Geoff Lloyd of Lloyd Carpets of Benfleet. If anyone can identify any of the other boys please do let us know and perhaps add where the camp was being held.

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  • Sam, please say Hi to your dad Mr Byford, from former BB member back in the early 80s, great memories.

    By Kevin Tarrier (21/08/2020)
  • Hi there everyone.

    I asked my dad, Brian Byford, about the image. He has said the following:

    “When I was 6 or 7 it was not called the Junior Section of the Boys’ Brigade, in those days if was called The Lifeboys.

    As far as the photo of us going to camp, I was there but I think I was either not around the lorry, or was behind one of the boys, or was inside it.

    If I remember correctly the lorry belonged to Fred Cotgrove and we all sat inside the lorry to go to camp, probably at Danbury. No restraints in those days. Poss 1954/5.”

    (by restraints he meant seatbelts)

    He then also says,

    “I can’t see me. I have an idea I’m behind my old mate Peter Charmly far left. I can name about 6 of the boys, but recognise them all.
    John James, who sent in the photo, is on the right next to but behind his tall cousin Frank who would have been Staff Sargent at the time.

    Dear old John went down with MS and is no longer with us. Frank is still around.”

    There are two photos of the Boys Brigade band posted to one of the Appleton School posts which I ask him about also. I have some other BB photos in my collection so I’ll upload them sometime.


    [Hi Sam,
    We would like to add your photos to the site, you can upload them using the following link
    ‘add your own article’
    The editor]

    By Sam Byford (01/01/2020)
  • Sorry, but I always, as a child thought that it was ‘Cotgrove’?

    By Michael Reed (22/11/2013)
  • Michael, I stand corrected! I’m sure you are right.

    By Pete Robbins (22/11/2013)
  • Could that be Mr Cockgrove and his Truck of Thundersley?

    By Pete Robbins (19/11/2013)
  • Front left is Peter Charmley.

    By Brian Charmley (18/11/2013)

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