New Beyond the Point Website

Launch date 17th July 2016

Message from Beyond the Point

Just to let you know will be launching its new interactive website this Sunday (17th) to mark our fifth anniversary. We have been working on it in our free time since the new year. It enables visitors to ‘explore’ their area’s own secret heritage, centred around an interactive map containing articles on over one hundred historic locations.

We are really excited to launch the website as we feel it is a major upgrade to the current one which we have had since the site was started as a blog in 2011. It’s cutting edge look and interactivity will match our high standards of the content we produce.

BTP Boys at Vange Well
New Homepage Screenshot
The Website, Then and Now

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  • Thanks for sharing this Frank, I hope people enjoy it! 


    By Liam Heatherson (17/07/2016)

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