Leaving Appleton School in 1972

Before The Advent of Social Media

The Appleton years

These scans are from my autograph book of the Appleton years, September 1969 when I joined class 1S to April 1972 when I left class 3S and the school. I had previously attended Benfleet Primary.

I am hoping that they might be of interest to my old school friends and stimulate some memories.

The one written in French was our french teacher but I can’t decipher or remember her name.  Can anyone help with this?

Mr Snell was our maths teacher.

Mr Moore was RE (and Oh Boy did I have a crush on him !)

Miss Jeffery was deputy head I believe.

The Jenny on several pages is Jenny Smith.

Mr Ashton was our history teacher.

Miss Grimes was our music teacher.

I wish I could remember more about them to tell you all, but again the names might get someone else’s memory working !

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  • I remember you well.

    By Mark Deeble (27/03/2022)
  • Does anyone remember me Clifford Bastyan I left in 1974

    By clifford bastyan (27/10/2019)
  • I remember you very well indeed we were in the same year. Its good to see those memories again.

    By Theresa Jones (27/06/2018)

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