Benfleet Yacht Club c.1949

After the Commodore's Tea Party

The picture below was supplied by John Dickens. ┬áIt shows members of Benfleet Yacht Club and families after the Commodore’s tea party.

The photo was taken on the deck of the club ship which was an old lightship. The lightship is about 150 years old and is now being used as a restaurant on the River Medway in Kent.

The photo is thought to have been taken in 1949 or 1950. In the background can be seen the old footbridge over the railway line at Benfleet station.

Amongst those in the photo are the following:

Stan Fisher, his wife Flossie and her mother Nanna Haynes.

John Dickens, his mother, his sister Leslie and his brother Andrew.

Robert Underwood and Gail Underwood.

Dougie Welsh and Mrs Welsh.

Mickey Cross and Stan Cross.

Brothers Brian and Peter Castle.


Members of Benfleet Yacht Club and Families
John Dickens

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  • After seeing the photo of the Commodore’s tea party, 1949, I would like to say that I recognized the white-haired gentleman, second row right, next to Peter Castle. 

    I think he is my late father-in-law, Jack Brown. He was, in fact, also Commodore about three years later. Also, I am convinced that the young man on Jack’s right is, in fact, my beloved late husband Ken. (Both very kind and well respected gents.)

    It is also interesting looking up all that is going on in dear old Benfleet. Keep up the good work!

    By Eileen Brown (12/05/2015)

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