Gravestones in St Mary's churchyard

A vital resource for family history detectives

Reproduced on this site courtesy of St Mary’s.

While there is no ground plan at the moment, each gravestone has been allocated to an area ( A – F in the last column on the right of the spreadsheet. ) to aid location.  The key to this is below :-

A   –   south side between path from lychgate and path from Hoy and Helmet

B   –   south east, between path from lychgate round to east window

C   –   north east, between east window and path from High Road end

D   –   north side, adjacent to path from High Road to north door

E   –   west side, adjacent to path between Hoy and Helmet and brook

F   –   as above, but pub end – lamp post by tower is rough cut-off between the two


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  • Hi does anyone know if there are any pictures or drawings of the graves in St marys churchyard for the 1930s onwards ‘as the grave I was looking for is no longer there so hoping an old picture of the south side may help.

    By lynne goodwin (15/01/2023)
  • Can you tell me approx what south side no 31 means – I believe this is the position of a grave but can’t be sure. Thanks.

    Editor: You are quite right Lynne, this is the position of a grave. It refers to the south side of the church and in the article it is identified as area A. This is between the path from the church entrance porch to the lychgate and the path from the porch in the direction of the Hoy and Helmet. 31 is the number allocated to the grave but unfortunately we do not know of a plan that shows the position of the grave within that area.

    By lynne goodwin (17/12/2022)
  • I think it important to add that Sir Charles Archibald Nicholson, the noted church architect who was responsible for St Mary’s restorations in the late c.19, is buried within the grounds, along with members of his family, in area A.

    By Chris Martin (17/06/2018)
  • Further updates to the PDF graveyard list.  

    Page 1 

    Alden Arthur James Died 12.12.1917 Age 43 service no. 157357 Chief Petty Officer Royal Navy HMS Partridge also remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

     Upperton Donald Kenneth Flight Sergeant (Navigator/Wireless Operator) R.A.F.V.R. 

    Page 7 

    Crozier Leonard Aubrey Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) R.A.F.V.R. service no. 141472.

    Page 12 

    Smith Francis George Craftsman R.E.M.E Service no. 10535175 Buried in Bari War Cemetery Italy X. C. 6

    Page 14 

    Turpin Eric Bertram R.A.F.V.R. 659 Squadron service no. 1876222 Buried in Karachi War Cemetery Pakistan 8. D. 2. 

    Page 19 

    Pratt John (not V) Sapper Royal Engineers 560 Field Company service no.1889240. 

    Page 21 

    Humphrey Cecil John Royal Artillery 11 Medium Regiment service no. 6017705 aged 37. 

    Page 22 

    Ellen Victor Samuel Essex Regiment 8th Battalion service no. 6027768.

    Page 27 

    Layzell Stanley William Essex Regiment 2nd Battalion buried in Lier Belgian Military Cemetery Belgium III. A. 4. 

    Page 29 

    Preston Arthur Robert Pilot Officer (Pilot) R.A.F.V.R. service no. 101486.

    By Tony (12/11/2012)
  • Update to the pdf graveyard list on page 24 Freeman 432 should read Percy Ernest Freeman born 1920 not 1937 this is the date I assume he served in the RAF he died aged 21 his service no. was 545216

    By Tony (10/11/2012)

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