Benfleet Primary School in 1938

Class photo from Morris Johnson

Benfleet Primary School class photo 1938
Morris Johnson collection

Peter Freeman, second from the left, second row.
Ray Dyer,  third from the right.
Stan Winter,  far right, back row.
Morris Johnson, aged 11, third from the right, front row.

Thanks to everyone who has come forward with names, particularly Peter “Memory Man” Freeman  :-

Les Wooderson   front row 2nd left
Ronny Finch   back row 1st left
George Goodge   back row 2nd left
Pete That   2nd row fourth right
Albert Hurst   2nd row 6th right
Alan Fews   3rd row middle
Louis Tribbland   2nd row   4th left
Ron “Porkie” Parker   front row  3rd left
Phillip Hopson    2nd row 5th left
Desmond Smith   2nd row  4th left

Can you add any names ?

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  • My brother Desmond Smith is 4th from the left, second row from top.

    By Mrs Daphne Sorrell (21/09/2016)
  • Think my brain is turned on now. Second row 5th from left Phillip Hopson.

    By Peter Freeman (18/11/2012)
  • Class 1938, Ron “Porkie” Parker is front row 3 from left

    By Peter Freeman (17/11/2012)
  • I think I have a few more names to add to the list of children I remember in this class 1938. Front row: Second left – Les Wooderson. Back row: First left – Ronny Finch. Third row: Second left – George Goodge. Second row: Fourth right – Peter Taffs. Second row: Fifth right – Albert Hurst. Third row: Middle, with glasses – Alan Fews. Second row: Fourth from left – Louis Tribbilard.  I hope these are correct, it is a long time ago. 

    By Peter Freeman (17/08/2012)

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