Wartime Memories of Benfleet Junior School

An audio recording

Paddy and Bobby Fisher in guides uniform
Paddy Marrison
School life in the air raid shelter.
A description of the damp conditions in the school air raid shelter in the playground and how the school was very different in wartime.

Paddy recalls the time she spent as a pupil at Benfleet Junior School during wartime and one of her teachers, Miss Gale.  Later Paddy qualified as a teacher and worked at Benfleet School.

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  • During WWII the age for starting school was 6 years and I started in 1942 and remember the air raid shelters as described in the commentary.

    I left to go to “Westcliff High” at the age of 11 and my main memory of the shelters is, that at that time, they were a place to keep at a safe distance. This was because of the danger of being dragged into them by packs of roaming girls! The description of the boys toilets was spot on and although I never managed to pee over the top I did get pretty close! I certainly couldn’t do it nowadays.

    By Rex Tyler (15/02/2012)

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