Benfleet Primary School Class photo c.1953

Class photo c.1953

This class photograph was taken circa 1953 and has been supplied by Roger Worster.

From memory he has named a few people, but if anyone can name others in the picture, please let us know.

From left to right:

Back row: John Beard, ?, ? Harvey, ? Ballard, ?, Wendy Huddleston, ?, ? Foster, Roger Worster, ? Cassidy, ?.

2nd row from back:

3rd row from back: ?, ?, Terry Loveday, ? Hathaway, ?, ?, ?, ?,

Front row sitting: ?, ? Moody, ?, Christine Neales (nee. Austin)

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  • I think I may be in the 2nd row from the back, 3rd one in on the right-hand side. ..Jeannette Woodward……living in Birmingham now.

    By Jeannette Chapman nee Woodward (06/05/2022)
  • I think I am in the second row from the top – 4th in from the photographers left.

    Richard Hayden

    Brisbane, Australia

    By Richard Hayden (22/10/2016)
  • Mike, second from right top row is my brother James Cassidy now passed, he remained friends with Terry Loveday.

    By Maureen Cassidy (11/07/2015)
  • Middle row far left is my cousin John Taylor. I was in another class in this year, 52 – 53 which can be seen in Brian Penfold’s Photo.

    By Michael Walsh (Froggy) (17/01/2014)

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