Elsie P Langridge - A Biography

The Life and Times of a Local Artist

A page published on this site by a former student of the Benfleet artist, Elsie Langridge, brought forth a comment from another former student, which started a chain of events resulting in contact being made with Elsie’s granddaughter Sue, who still lives in Elsie’s former home in Shipwrights Drive.

Sue is rightly proud of the amazing talent that her grandmother possessed and she has many examples of her work.

Such is Sue’s admiration for her grandmother, she has compiled a biography, which we are privileged to have been allowed access to.  This biography is entitled “An Aspect of Fine Art – The life and times of Elsie P. Langridge –  by Sue White” and is reproduced in full.

Elsie with her beloved pet dog
Sue White
Front cover of biography
Elsie's drawing of her granddaughter Sue
Drawn by Elsie Langridge - Thanks to Sue White
Elsie in later years with her hand made doll.
Sue White
Content List
These beautiful decorations were made by Elsie. Note the limbs are moveable.
Made by Elsie Langridge, thanks to Sue White
Chapter 1 - The Early Years
Chapter 2 - Family Years
"SAMSON" (6' x 4'). Elsie P. Langridge aged 74
Sue White (grandaughter)
Chapter 3 - The Later Years

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  • I was also at the academy at the same time as Susan and remember the painting well. I still have the paintings I produced while at the school. I went on to be a draftsman and then a botanical illustrator teaching my own students who are now the Bath Society of Botanical Artists.

    By Angie Girling nee Abbott (23/09/2019)
  • I was a student of Mrs Langridge from 1962 until 1967 & fondly remember my time spent in the art studio at her home in Shipwrights Drive!

    My most vivid memory is of the painting of Samson which was suspended in her hall way! It was huge! & I will always remember it.

    By Sue Hadley (formerly Susan Henderson) (11/02/2017)

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