George William Hackshaw

No longer a complete mystery

George William Hackshaw, son of George William Hackshaw (1856 – 1924) and Ann Alice, who lived at   Brookmeade in Brook Road, was born 1889 and died  1968. To distinguish between father and son the latter was known  as  “Bill”.

The 1911 census lists him as a postman living with his aunt, Sarah Ann Hunt, in a cottage in the High Street

Church Creek,South Benfleet with old cottages and tithe barn (Hall Farm)

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  • Hi, my great grand aunt married George Hackshaw in Benfleet in 1919 her name was Ester Stockwell, I am not sure if they had any children.

    By Tracy Kreyling (13/08/2013)
  • The artist is George William Hackshaw – he was my great uncle. He was known to everyone as Bill Hackshaw (as his father was also called George). The Hackshaws moved to South Benfleet soon after the end of WW1 and (my great-grandparents) lived in a cottage called Brookmede on Brook Road (demolished in the 1970s). 

    Bill had a Shoe Shop on the High Street in the 1920s and lived at the bottom of Vicarage Hill – his sister Edith was a Piano Teacher. Bill died in Benfleet in 1966

    By Scott Oram (24/01/2012)

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