In Remembrance Memorial. 1941 Casualties.

H.M. Submarine H31.
The Royal Navy.

Rank.  Telegraphist.
Regiment/Service.  Royal Navy.
Unit.  H.M. Submarine H31.
Died.  24 December 1941.  Age 25.
Memorial.  Chatham Naval Memorial.  Kent.

Son of.  Leonard A. Harley and Lilian A. Harley, of South Benfleet.  Essex.

The submarine was lost in the Bay of Biscay on Christmas Eve 1941.  The cause has never been established although it is presumed to be through contact with a mine.  The submarine, along with all crew have never been found.


Albert E. Ensby.  Ordinary Seaman.
Alexander I. Merritt.  Lieutenant.
Alexander Smith.  Able Seaman.
Alfred J. Crager.  Engine Room Artificer 5th. Class.
Allan Fraser.  Acting Engine Room Artificer.  4th. Class
Arthur E. Maynard.  Able Seaman.

Charles H. B. Champion.  Able Seaman.

Dennis Spencer.  Ty/Act/Petty Officer.

Edward Bartlett.  Acting Stoker/Petty Officer.
Eric N. Jarvis.  Chief Engine Room Artificer.

Frank H.D. Dowdell.  Telegraphist.
Frank B. Gibbs.  Lieutenant.

Harold Doughty.  AbleSeaman.

James Corry.  Act/Leading Stoker.
John H. Carson.  Stoker 2nd Class.
John B. Hurley.  Able Seaman. 
John C. Richards.  Able Seaman. 
John Stamper.  Ty/Act/Leading Stoker.
Joseph S. Bailey.  Stoker 1st. Class.
Joseph J. Grainger.  Stoker 2nd Class.

Kenneth S. Jarvis.  Act/Able Seaman.

Levi T. Goodman.  Leading Seaman.

Major T. Truckle.  Petty Officer.
Maurice Eynon.  Ty/Lieutenant.  RNVR.

Norman C. Jones.  Ordinary Signalman. 

Peter D. N. Campbell.  Ty/Sub Lieutenant.  RNR. 

Robert F. Morse.  Ordinary Signalman.
Ronald Benson.  Ordinary Telegraphist.

Sidney W. T. Munns.  Able Seaman. 
Stanley E. Rollins.  Act/Engine Room Artificer 4th Class.

Wilfred Holroyd.  Ty/Act/Leading Stoker.
Wilfred A. O’Brien.  Leading Telegraphist.
William L. G. Harley.  Telegraphist. 


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  • Albert Edward Ensby, ordinary seaman, was a 4th cousin to me. So sad they all lost their lives, and the submarine has never been found. Edward is mentioned on the local war memorial in Colne, Lancashire.

    By Beckie (30/07/2018)
  • Hi, Acting Chief Petty Officer Dennis Spencer was a great uncle of mine I didn’t meet as I was born in 1967. His youngest Brother George was my Grandad, he served on the North Atlantic Convoys as he felt it would be a bit claustrophobic on a sub. He was Sunk 3 times but fortunately came home unlike his big brother… I’m glad there’s a memorial to this sub and I hope to visit it soon.


    By Neil Spencer (26/05/2016)

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