King John Comprehensive - Prefects 1970

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King John Prefects 1970
Taken outside the 6th form wing.
Uploaded by Maureen Stanley
In this photo:Susan Beasley, Roger Gilbey, Christopher David Cork, Lynette Turf, Ken Buckley, Jeanine Wastell, Robert Bone, Margaret Tomlinson, Peter Bromley, Kevin Wright, Peter, Linda Susan Shepherd, Pauline Fulford, Donna Thomas, Christine Chubb, Maureen Bright, Wendy, Denise Haywood, Debbie Nagel, Philip Martin David David Solomon, James.

It is possible that the boy on the far left of the front row is Jimmy Fleming who played trombone in the school band with Melvin Beddow.  Also,  it may be Martin Eversden in the front row of the photo, three in front from the viewers right.

During this year the Head Boy was Phillip Hyland and the Head Girl was Donna Thomas.

The above information may or may not be correct. Can anyone help us?

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  • I would just like to wish all the Prefects of 1970 a happy 70th birthday this year and any that I’ve missed a happy 70th for last year ! Unbelievable, seems only yesterday that we were sitting for this photo.

    By David Solomons (07/02/2024)
  • I was a prefect back in 1957 and if memory serves me correctly, Keith Merril was head boy. Sorry ladies, but head girl escapes me. I’ve often wondered what life had in store for my class mates so if any of Bill Bail’s class in ’57 are still around, please drop me a line, here or to I love to hear from you. I don’t know why but the name Brenda Prime keeps popping into my head. Yes she was in my class but I had no real connection to her. Any one know what happened to her?

    By Doug Mansfield (27/06/2023)
  • Responding to Tom Hughes asking if anyone remembers him. I was at KJS from 1965-69 and was in your tutor group one year. I think you came on the school trip on the canals one cold, wet October (1967, when I was in the third year). We were headed for Llangollen but never got there because many rivers were in flood. I really enjoyed that holiday and remember manning the tiller a lot as I was good at steering. Mrs Hallam (swimming teacher) was on our boat and had brought her pressure cooker along to cook our meals in. Didn’t you have a twin brother?

    By Rosemary Usselman (nee Mitchell) (10/09/2022)
  • I remember you Tom Hughes, you were one of the good guys.
    You took us beach-combing for some reason. I guess this would have been 1967 up until summer 1968 when we left.
    Did you teach PE and Art?

    By Steve davis (24/01/2021)
  • The things lockdown makes us do! I was at KJS from 1966-1970 (?) until a family move took me to Lincolnshire. I have some great memories. Mr Vaughan was the Head and gave me the cane once, but all the teachers were great. I remember Mr Turner, Mr Hare, Mr Rollason, Mr Bedford and a German german teacher? sadly Mr Bell and Mr Knight. My friends were Sid Wright(!). Gaynor Sunderland, Vicki Page, Chris Wood, Susan Donovan. I played county football and rugby and enjoyed it all! I have a 2nd year class photo somewhere which I’ll dig out.

    By martin paddison (24/01/2021)
  • I’m trying to find some of my old class mates from 1969 to 73. I was Ann Burden and was in Thorndike House. Does that ring a bell?

    By Ann Pettigrew (06/06/2020)
  • I found this site two days ago and I am still reeling from the memories it has brought to the fore. It is remarkable to see pictures from so long ago; pictures with me in them! The names seem to be reading top left to right so I think two names are switched around in the second row: Seated , first left is Pauline Fulford then Susan Shepherd and beside her Donna Thomas. I left England in 1972 and have lost contact with old friends; Pauline, Donna, Christine, if you are out there, it would be great to hear from you.

    By Linda Lauder ( nee Johnson) (01/11/2019)
  • Hi Jenny Harris replying to Linda Hubbard and Martin Hurrell. Happy days indeed! As I remember Mr Rothman taught history and am I right in saying that there was a teacher called Mr Neale?
    I live in Kent now so don’t venture over that side of the water much, just wondered how much its changed.

    By jenny davidson (11/08/2018)
  • My name is Linda one of the Hubbard twins. I remember Martin Hurrell in the band. Gill my sister played clarinet. Mr Beddows was the music teacher and changed many people’s lives with several pupils going on to play music as their career. I remember Mr Vaughan and Mr Rothman wearing his gown. The school farm and the science teacher giving students driving lessons round the school playing fields. Health and safety wasn’t invented then. Religious education with Mrs Virgee and the numerous trips out to the many places of worship. Singing Joseph and his technicolour dream coat and Elvis singing the dream song. Those were the days.

    By Linda Walters (05/08/2018)
  • I remember you Mr Hughes! I was in the 1968 intake and was in your first Tutor Group (T6). We assembled in S3 (domestic science room).
    Young Mary McNally was known for being extremely quiet (my husband is sad to report that this is no longer the case!)
    It is 50 years ago – but I remember your face and voice as though it was yesterday. You and (almost) all of my teachers were really lovely people.

    By Mary McNally-Mills (04/06/2018)
  • Old School Friends.
    I am curious about some old school friends from King John Dianne Ham, Jaquie Prior and Yvonne Ollive. They all lived in the Tarpot Area over forty years ago.
    In Anticipation Rob Keen

    By Rob Keen (04/06/2018)
  • Martin Hurrell here answering Jenny Harris. I was at KJS at the same time as you. Mr Persigetthi could run the 100 metres very fast. I saw him blow the opposition away once during sports day. I was in Grenville house, and though I didn’t have a great time at KJS I can still remember many things quite clearly. I enjoyed my lessons with Mr Eccles, (physics), Mr Sapwell (biology) and cricket at lunchtime with Mr Rodwell! Miss Rayner was my last tutor group tutor and I got on well with her too! Mrs Wordsdale for English and Mrs Morton for German.
    Mr Hilton for maths, as well as Mr Stanton who used to read books to us. Mr Prosser later who scared the hell out of us but did possess a wicked sense of humour. Mr Knight and Mr Davies (P.E.) used to sing in my mother’s operatic society in Westcliff. Imagine my surprise when I saw them there. Teachers were not meant to be seen outside of school were they? Mr Wilson for P.E. too. Was not impressed with my three ‘no throws’ (javelin) at the district sports. I was tipped to win it. Oops! First headmaster was an imposing figure called Vaughan followed by the more liberal Mrs Wedd. Deputy head Mr Rothman. I never knew what he taught. I can stil remember how in the boys playground at break time we used to look up at the frosted window of the staff gents loo and vaguely make out one of the teachers taking a crafty swig from a hip flask, or so we thought.
    I hope all my old classmates are well, successful and have happy families. I visit the area from time to time (all my immediate family are still in the area) and I always wonder if I’ll ever bump into anybody from those days but alas I never do!

    By Martin Hurrell (24/03/2018)
  • The girl in the middle row, 6th from the left is Wendy Broad. I would like to know what has happened to her, as she was my girlfriend that year. Even after all of these years, I would like to make contact with her again.

    By Steve Nash (12/03/2016)
  • Hi Tom
    Yes, I was in your tutor group in 68-69 or thereabouts.
    I hope all is well with you.
    Gary Gimson

    By Gary Gimson (23/11/2015)
  • I went to King John from 1973 to 1978 and I was in Sutherland tutor group. I think my art teacher was Mr Bell and does anyone remember a french teacher called Mr Percigetti?

    By Jenny Harris (22/11/2015)
  • Teacher at King John from 1967 to 1973 – anyone remember me?

    By Tom Hughes (08/11/2015)
  • If you taught Art at King John, then yes I remember you.  As Editor of this web site I have really enjoyed reading all the comments and pages on the school sent in over the five or so years we have been up and running.  

    I was at King John from around 1964 to 1969 ish. Tutor groups were introduced during this time and I was in Sutherland 6, the tutor being David Bedgood.  If you are the Mr Hughes that I recall then you and David were, I think, good friends and both from Wales.

    By Eileen Gamble (08/11/2015)

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