King John School Drama Production - Ali Baba 1974

Ali Baba performed by the students, possibly 1974

The programme below come from the production of Ali Baba, performed by the students of King John School. Does anyone know what year this was?

The plan of the school shows where the different houses were located, this being prior to the recent extensions to the building.

Ali Baba programme
Stephen Jones
Cast of the play
Stephen Jones
Plan of the school
Stephen Jones

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  • I attended the school from 1971 – 1976. The year was 1974 as I was in the play with my fellow friends.

    By Sue Taylor (19/12/2018)
  • I recognise some of the names Jackie Moore, Jane Cooke, Colin Barnett….I attended King John from 1973 to 1978, is that any help? The old brains not what it used to be so I don’t actually remember when the play was!


    By Jenny Harris (08/04/2017)
  • Thanks Jenny, between the dates that you mentioned Thursday December 5th only occurred once, which was in 1974 so it’s likely that was the year.

    By Frank Gamble (08/04/2017)

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