Shipwrights Drive

From Unmade Track to Tree-lined Pavements

Mud and Puddles

The black and white photo of Shipwrights Drive was taken in the mid 1950s and the small window that can be seen on the far right of the picture is part of the then, Hollywood Restaurant.

The colour photo was taken in 2012 and although the restaurant is still there, there have been extensions added to create a larger venue, together with a name change of ‘Hollywood’.

Many of the properties at the top end of Shipwrights Drive were built in the early 1960s and the vast majority have been improved by way of extensions in recent years.

Looking towards Benfleet Road c. mid 1950s
John Carrington
Looking towards Benfleet Road 2012
Eileen Gamble

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  • I remember me and my big brother David Murray having to cycle on the unmade road to King John’s in all weathers!  My dad built the bungalow where we lived in  Southview Road, Benfleet, the garden was so big that today there are about 15 houses built there. 

    My wife and I recently visited all the old haunts, and I can not believe how much the area has changed! I went to the convent St Josephs primary school on Canvey Island, and that no longer exists! 

    Gordon Murray Peterborough

    By Gordon Murray (20/05/2012)
  • I remember being pushed in my brown pushchair down there before the school was built (I think!) The sides of the road echoed and I also remember very clearly looking at the coloured glass in the mud. 

    There was a market garden just before the view in the picture, and it smelt of tomatoes and manure. The trees formed an archway at the end of the road near the junction of Benfleet Road.

    By Kay Butler (04/05/2012)

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