2nd Battalion Essex Regiment Cadet Force Band 1942

How this led to a semi professional music career.

Peter Freeman was a member of the cadet band where he was taught to play the cornet.  The band was started by Arthur Alden who ran the undertakers at Tarpots.  Several of the band members  played with other groups, Stan Wheeler turned professional and later played at the Shakspeare Theatre in Stratford on Avon. Peter Wright played in a jazz band but this was not approved of and he was asked to leave the Salvation Army band. Peter Freeman played with several bands, one of which played at Tarpots Hall providing the music for dances, he later turned semi professional.

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Insurance Agent at the time of the Canvey Floods

Plane crash on Pitsea Marshes

2nd Battalion Essex Regiment Cadet Force Band 1942. Arthur Alden is in the centre with the moustache. Front row on floor left to right Bryan Freeman, George Nunn
Peter Freeman.
Peter Freeman in 2013 with his German flugelhorn.
Margaret March
Peter Freeman learnt to play with the Army Cadet band
How the band was started, the types of instruments he played, and how this led to becoming a member of various bands that sometimes played for dances at Tarpots Hall.
Army Cadets V Homeguard
Manoeuvres on Boyce Hill Golf Club, ack ack battery on the Golf Club grounds.

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  • I have a connection to Bryan and Peter Freeman. I first came to live in Hadleigh in 1956. My father took over the managership of the newly created Unwins off-licence in the old High Street (now a vehicular thoroughfare) which in those days was a sleepy backwater road.
    In 1959 I was attending King John School and by 1960 I was learning to play a clarinet. Melvyn Beddow had me in the School Band together with names such as Adrian Chapman (playing string double bass), Gerald Malone, Barry Hart (tenor saxophone).
    I had ambitions to play in a proper dance band, and with this in mind Melvyn suggested that I sit in with the King John Evening School Band that he ran on a Tuesday evening. He said I should sit in with the trumpet section playing the 4th trumpet parts, which I did. The musicians alongside me were Bryan Freeman, Peter Freeman, Bob Jamieson and John Rayner. This band was so successful that most of the dance band personnel in South Essex played in the Melvyn Beddow evening school band.

    By John Wimbleton (15/12/2019)
  • Hi Peter, I wonder if you can remember me Keith Rowe, I bought your first motor bike a James 197 two stroke, black and cream petrol tank also you played trumpet at Benfleet youth dances around 1945 I was also in that army cadets. I live in South Africa for the past 53 years, I would like to hear from you.

    By Keith Rowe (27/06/2016)

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