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I don’t know who the young ladies (in the photo below) are but this is looking down Ullswater Road before it became overgrown and completely blocked. The area was called The Plotlands. A family by the name of Carter lived in the house to the right, our cottage being out of view to the left. The double story house was home to the Johnsons with a daughter named Elizebeth who was my age.

Just for the hell of it, here’s me at the Chalkwell start to a Southend Carnival, and my latest venture onto a horse on the black volcanic beaches of Bali.

Unknown girls riding down Ullswater Road
Doug Mansfield
Doug at Chalkwell at the start of a Southend carnival
Doug Mansfield
Doug on horseback in Bali
Doug Mansfield

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  • Doug, I came over a few times to your cottage in the very early 1950s to play with your brother Dennis and your neighbour Terry Carter, Class mates, I still have memories of the wide open vista of the area of that time and the bulrush filled ditches around the fields and also of a horse tethered close to your home and the odd goat or two.  PS, Our family used to live by St Peter church yard in Rhoda Rd North in an old one bed bungalow, like most at that time with no sanitation just one water tap and a old wood shed with a bucket and bury it, But we did have a tv in ’52 and I remember your brother coming round to watch the Cisco Kid, lol.

    By pete robbins (29/02/2016)

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