Spending My Pocket Money At Tarpots

Tizer and Nelson Slice

date unknown
date unknown

I was thinking of my early days in Tarpots and I had one of those memory flashes. I’m not sure exactly how old I was but it concerned my first “pocket money” sixpence a week as it turned out.

The first issue was a Saturday and with this coin in my pocket I went and got my friend Austin from next door and we walked down to the main road and along the parade of shops and walked along to the Cafe, at that time not run by Ben Matthews but I don’t know who it was. As you went in there was a glass cabinet and inside were shelves with CAKES, but being a bit canny we didn’t buy cakes at first because sixpence would get you a bottle of Tizer, the one where the bottle was bulged at the top and bottom. Having got that we retired somewhere to drink it, and then back to the cafe to get the two pence back on the bottle and then to buy a Nelson slice at a penny each. Sixpence gone in less than half an hour.

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