Ernie Rogers Our Benfleet Home Was Bombed

Childhood Memories

Ernie Rogers childhood home was at 55 Church Road. When the shop next door received a direct hit the family was forced to find other accommodation and stayed with a neighbour.  The Sun family, who owned the shop, escaped with their lives but did receive some injuries.  The shop was eventually rebuilt.

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Ernie and his two young nephews, from the right Brian Terry, Ernie Rogers, Wally Terry.
Ernie Rogers
A German Heinkel Bomber like the one that crashed landed near Benfleet
source unknown
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  • Visiting this page after many years, I saw Ernie Rodger’s comments, and I seem to remember after he joined the Army he was home on leave, as was I, and I went to see him. We were going to go to one of the Cafes nearby, and started to walk up the road; well at least I did, but Ernie walked at the walking pace used by the Duke of Cornwall’s light infantry, which is 180 paces a minute, so in seconds I was well left behind.

    By Colin Mac (21/04/2024)
  • Interesting tracks from Ernie Rogers. I was in the same class as Ernie, I do not know if he remembers me. RUSHBOTTOM LANE school was very basic but I was happy there. Richard Balman.

    By Richard balman (31/03/2019)

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